It is very difficult to fully mitigate all possible security risks, such as fraud, but there are steps both we and you can take.


What we do

  • Long codes: We use long codes for vouchers to reduce chances of automated guessing.

  • 2 Factor Authentication (2FA): All Partner Accounts are required to implement this.

  • HTTPS: Information on our website is securely processed.

  • Payment security & monitoring: Stripe is the payment service we integrate with, in order to allow customer payments to be processed. You are required to create a Stripe account to directly receive payments from customers. The Stripe integration supports 3D Secure authentication (see here for more information).

What you can do

  • Keep your information safe: Ensure you keep your account and login details private.

  • Strong password: Please choose a strong login password that cannot be easily guessed.

  • Be proactive: Check your settings within Stripe to ensure you understand and are comfortable with your 3D Secure rules. Also, use Stripe Radar to help detect fraud. You can read more about it here.

  • Add authentication where possible: While 2FA is mandatory for Partner Accounts on Steppr, you can also implement these on other services, like your website builder account (e.g. Shopify) and your payment processor account (Stripe). In many cases, you are prompted to do this and guided through the setup simply.