While this may depend on the Partner and their website settings, to be on the safe side, assume not. The same also goes for free shipping and free delivery-type promotions, which are often applied at checkouts in the form of a code.

Please also be aware that if a company is offering a promotion, such as free shipping or delivery, for orders above a certain value on their website, this will most likely not include the amount you have paid for the voucher via Steppr (since this voucher amount is deducted from the order value). Furthermore, if the promotion relies upon an automatically-applied code at the checkout, this is unlikely to be able to be combined with a voucher bought via Steppr.

Originally, some website builders did not allow the settings for combining voucher and promotional codes to be accessed remotely, and so we did not build that capability into our system (which links up with those website builders). We are looking to add this option in the future.